You Make It Easy Teaser

He looks out the window and clears his throat. “Are you with anyone now?”

“No, I haven’t been with anyone else.”

Archer whips his head around to look at me, his dark orbs trying to assess if I’m telling him the truth.

“I’ve never lied to you, Archer. That’s not who I am,” I grunt out.

“I’m not sure if I know the man you are. I thought I knew back then, but you did lie to me. You could have told me what you were going through, and we could have figured it out together. Instead, you made a decision that affected both of our lives.”

He’s right, I did, and I’ve felt guilty for it ever since.

“I was never as brave as you were. I’m still not.”

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All proceeds go to the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.

© 2020 by Harlow Layne

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