The Model Excerpt #3

He strode out into the crystal-clear water in only his tiny navy trunks. Looking over his shoulder, he called out. “Are you ready?”

I gave him a thumbs-up as I looked at the LED screen, my finger on the button, ready to take his picture. I could feel that we had everyone’s attention, but I didn’t care. By the time they were done, the lighting would be all wrong for what I wanted. These were for me and me alone. They’d be my spank bank material if they came out the way I thought they would.

Ryder disappeared into the water for only a moment, and when he reappeared, it was like a dream or a sexy commercial. He moved in slow motion; his eyes locked on me as my finger held down the shutter button. If we didn’t have an audience, I would have dropped my camera to the ground and jumped him. Water trickled down his torso, and my eyes were riveted on each drop as they moved down his body.

Snapping out of it, I ordered. “Push your hair out of your face.”

I saw a twinkle in his eye, but other than that, Ryder seemed unfazed as he did as I told him. The crowd moved in closer to watch, their shoot forgotten, and for a split second, I felt bad, until Ryder’s eyes heated and he bit his lower lip. My ovaries let out a sigh, and my sex clenched in need. Dear God, he was otherworldly; he was so gorgeous and perfect.

“Come to me. Large strides,” I commanded. I squatted down to get him from a new angle. I wished I had another camera to get him in at least one other direction.

Ryder walked to me like he was on the catwalk. My body rose, the closer he got to me. His stare was directed at me until he was right in front of me. Taking my camera, a smile danced on his lips, and when those dimples popped out, I was done for. One big hand reached out and grasped my waist, pulling until every inch of skin from my waist up came into contact with his. Dipping down, his soft lips found mine in the single best kiss of my life. It was the perfect mixture of soft and hard, passion and need with a dose of possession. It ended far too soon, and when Ryder’s lips left mine, I let out a soft cry. I wanted to pull him back to me, but when someone cleared their throat, the world that had disappeared suddenly came rushing back.

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