The Model Excerpt #1

Her assistant spotted me and stopped short. The last time we saw each other, she had run out of the room when the sheet slipped as I’d tried to cover Lexie, and she saw me in all my naked glory. It didn’t bother me, especially now. People were constantly seeing me without clothes on as we quickly changed in small spaces, and I saw them as well. It was normal, but I knew not everyone felt the same.

With her eyes trained on me, I watched her mouth move before Lexie turned in what seemed to be in slow motion. The smile that lit her face when she spotted me made my day. Hell, it made my week, maybe even the month. My feet picked up their pace as I made my over to her and didn’t stop until we were toe to toe, and I had my arms wrapped around her in a big hug.

I wasn’t normally a hugger, but I figured this was better than me laying a kiss on her in front of everyone. And I was over the moon happy to see her, so I held her in my arms for longer than was probably appropriate.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” My lips brushed her neck, and I felt her shiver, even in the heat. It seemed I still affected her just as much as she did me.

Pulling back enough to look at me, Lexie beamed up at me and mirrored my same words. “I can’t believe you’re here.” She looked around me for a second. “Are you working?”

“I am, or was, actually. We’re done for the day. How about you, are you finished?” The hopeful note in my voice was easy to hear, but hell, who was I kidding? I’d almost tackled her the moment we were within inches of each other. She was still in my arms with her hands resting on my biceps.

“For a few hours, and then we’ll be back down here at sunset. I was going to grab some lunch at one of the food trucks if you want to join me and catch up.”

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