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Her love could set me free from the shadows...

Seeing Coco Becket for the first time, made my heart start beating again. It changed everything.

Before her I had no purpose, no reason to live.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met, I couldn't help but fantasize about kissing her plump lips or having those sky blue eyes staring back at mine, seeing beyond what I truly was. Broken and ashamed.

My desire for her ran deep, deeper than I expected it too. She was a Goddess and I was simply caught up in her glow, I couldn't say no. Not to her kindness, and not to my need to be near her.

Coco was the good in life where I was the bad. She became the sun to my never ending darkness.

When a mysterious situation brings us together,  I discover that I'll do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means risking my own life, to save hers.

Because before her, love was just a word I'd heard in passing…and now I'll destroy anyone that tries to take her, or that love away from me.

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© 2020 by Harlow Layne

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