In one smooth move, he picked me up off the floor and stood before laying me out on the bed and removing my dress. “Fucking hell, you’re beautiful. I want to lick and kiss every inch of your body and then start all over again. First, I’ll start here.”⁠

He pressed his nose into the fabric of my panties and made a dramatic show of taking a deep breath. “This right here is my home.” Hooking his fingers into the sides, he pulled them down my legs and threw them across the room.⁠

His head disappeared between my legs, tongue licking up my center. “Heaven,” he muttered against my slick folds. My back arched up off the bed, wanting more, impatient for even a second without his mouth on me. Resting my foot on his shoulder, I opened up for him. Giving him all of me, and he took it. One hand gripped my hip, keeping me in place while the other spread my lips open as he dove in and assaulted my clit with his skilled tongue. ⁠

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© 2020 by Harlow Layne

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