“For you, Ms. Wang, I always have time.” Did she see how that worked? I made time for her and she made time for me. “Why don’t we go to my office?”

“Thank you, Mr. Avery.” Her tone was surprised. Did she think I’d turn her down? “Were you coming for a cup of coffee?” She held up her still steaming cup.

“I was, but you’re much better than a caffeine fix.”

“You’re such a charmer, Mr. Avery.” Should I tell her that every time she called me that it made my dick twitch? I wanted to hear her call it out in bed.

“Like I said before, it’s all for you, but may I make a recommendation?” She nodded in reply. “Unless you want to suck me off in my office, I suggest you stop calling me Mr. Avery.”

“What?” she asked affronted. “I’m not going to call you anything but Mr. Avery at work. It wouldn’t seem right.”

“I warned you.” And I desperately wanted her to continue so I could see her pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock.

“Does anyone else here call you anything but Mr. Avery?” She paused at the door that led out into the hall.

“No, but they also don’t affect me the same way you do,” I growled out. Was she trying to set a record for how many times she could drive me mad? It was all I could do to remain professional. “Let’s go have that meeting now.”

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