Dipping his head, King caught my lips as he surged the last few inches into me. I whimpered into his mouth as my walls stretched to accommodate him. “I don’t think I’m going to last long. Fuck, your boyfriend must have been small,” he said on a groan as he slowly pulled out to the tip.

I hadn’t known what I was missing until now, but King was right. Haider was tiny compared to him. I laughed at the thought as he unhurriedly drove back in.

“Now’s not the time to laugh.” He growled out before sucking the lobe of my ear. He had to have known I wasn’t laughing at him. Nothing about King was funny, especially what he was making me feel. Before I’d been lucky to have an orgasm during sex, so I didn’t think it was possible to have more than one in such a short period of time, but as King filled me with each glorious inch of him, pressure started to build up in me once again.

“I’m going to come again.” I whimpered, holding him closer. Our position was so intimate. Not at all what I was expecting for our first time. Not that I was expecting us to ever have sex or that we would ever again, but it was a nice surprise, nonetheless.

“That’s the point.” He grunted. Each sensual slide of his hips stirred awake something deep inside. I was never going to get enough of this man. His hard exterior and the soft, caring man buried deep down that I’d caught glimpses of.

“Come with me, Pria.” His thumb found my clit and rubbed slow, delicious circles as he kept slowly filling me. Shattering in his arms, I called out his name like a prayer. He was now my god and if he made me feel like this, I’d happily worship him night and day. Every nerve ending in my body sang his praise.

Swallowing my cry, King’s mouth met mine in a hot, slow kiss.

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