Picking up his briefcase from the side table and grabbing his suitcase, Kingston slowly looked me up and down. The only indication he liked what he saw was the darkening of his eyes. With one last look, he opened the door. “My contact information is in the folder if you have any questions.” He gave me one final look over. “Nice pajamas, Ms. Wang. I hope I get the pleasure of seeing you in them again.”

I stood there for a good solid minute unable to move after I watched him walk out the door. It should be illegal how good that man looked in a suit. Did he know how good his ass looked in those pants? I wanted to find his tailor and thank him for his outstanding work.

Finally, I looked down. I’d forgotten that I only had on a small pair of sleep shorts and a tank top that did nothing to hide my erect nipples. Why hadn’t I remembered what I was wearing and put on a robe or a sweatshirt before I came out?

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