Secret Admirer Exclusive Excerpt #3

“I have no preconceived notions about you. Show me who you are Bodhi, and that’s who I’ll believe you are. Can you do that?” Her hand rubs up and down my arm and, in that moment, I’d do anything for her even give my life if it came down to it.

The lump in my throat prevents me from speaking. All I can do is nod my head as I stare at the amazing women in front of me. 

“Good. Now if you haven’t noticed I don’t live too close to town. Before I lived not far from the salon where I could easily stop and get something to eat on my way home or have it delivered. While I can still grab something on the way home, no one but pizza places deliver. I had pizza every night while I moved in so I’m over it for now. Having a guest though is pushing me to actually use that kitchen.” Her eyes shine with sincerity. “Plus, it’s healthier.”

“I know how to make spaghetti,” I blurt out making her laugh. “I can make dinner if you still want me to stay.”

“Oh, you’re not getting out of staying with me.” She points out the door. “Grab your bag so we can get home before it gets dark because while I was sitting here chilling out, I was daydreaming about ordering takeout from The Cheesecake Factory.”

I can’t help but laugh at her. “I thought you said you wanted to eat healthy and that’s not healthy.”

“What if I promise to eat healthy for the rest of the weekend?” She peers up at me, her big blue eyes filled with hope. 

I play along because she can do whatever she wants. It’s her house and I won’t be there to hold her accountable if she slips up. “How can I deny you when you look at me like that?” 

Somehow, she manages for her eyes to become bigger. Bluer. “Like what?” 

Does she really not know? She has to.

“With cute puppy dog eyes filled with hope,” I answer.

“I wasn’t doing that, was I?” she asks, astounded. 

She really doesn’t know. How has she made it this far in life and not know the power she holds with one single look?