Secret Admirer Exclusive Excerpt #2

I stand staring at Bodhi. If I were to try to dream up the perfect-looking man, I wouldn’t even come close to the man sitting before me. He’s smooth skinned and gorgeous. His hair is short on the sides and longer on top and curls in the cutest way when it dries. I didn’t want it to be too extreme even though it is pretty extreme from how long it was before he let me get my hands on it. He even let me hack off his beard and holy hell I didn’t know what was underneath all that hair. I let him shave the rest off and I can’t help but want to caress every inch of his handsome face.

Now that all the hair is gone, his hypnotic blue-green eyes stand out even more. They call to me on a level I don’t understand and when my gaze pulls away from his, I’m met with his soft full lips that beg to be kissed.

My trance is broken when the doorbell rings.