Praying for Rain ebook cover.jpg

It's been a few years since I read a dystopian novel, but when BB Easton said her new book was an apocalypse romance I couldn't sign up fast enough.

When reading one of BB Easton's books, I cannot put them down. I devour Praying for Rain just like I do all her books. I needed to know about these dreams everyone was having, who Wes was and what Rain was hiding.

In the middle of the darkest time of their lives, Wes and Rain find each other and a flicker of hope surfaces. A glimmer of light that's enough to sprout the tiniest seed of hope. Where there's hope, there's a reason to live, and they need it for their upcoming battle.

The world may be ending, but there was still time for two lost souls to fall in love.

I hope fall comes soon because I can't wait for Fighting for Rain. I love everything BB. After reading her 44 Chapters series, I feel like I know her and want to be her best friend. Her style and words spoke to me in a way not many have. Not only that but she's the sweetest person in the world when you talk to her on social media. She's got a fan for life.

Praying for Rain
By BB Easton