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Collided by fate and pushed apart by distance, does love even stand a chance?

Alex was a single mother living in the middle of nowhere. Nothing exciting ever happened here, unless you counted being harassed by her ex-husband. Until one night changes the entire course of Alex's life.

But even with all the good that occurs in her life, Alex must overcome her past demons, the very demons that caused her to become a shell of the woman she once was, that is if she wants to fight for the promise of the new life brought before her.

Luke was a Hollywood actor, famous, gorgeous, and completely unlike anything I’d ever come across. He was a man on the rise, whose work ruled his life, that is until a chance encounter with Alex.

He claimed to be nothing like the egotistical, selfish Hollywood type that the world made actors like him out to be, but convincing Alex of that would be tough as hell… especially with all that she has at risk.

Can two people from two very different worlds - collided by fate and pushed apart by distance get a real chance at love?

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