LJ Shen knows how to write an asshole and make you fall in love with him. Wolfe Keaton made be my favorite of all that she's written. I devoured TKT in one sitting! It blew me away at how fast I connected to the characters. I had already shed a few tears before the halfway mark. This book is phenomenal and now my favorite by the author.

In walks Wolfe and you instantly hate him. True to Mrs. Shen, he's an asshole, arrogant, and dangerous, but there's something laying underneath it all to peak your interest. 

Francesca is EVERYTHING! I loved her instantly and rooted for her with everything I had. Her heartache was mine along with her happiness. She's by far one of my favorite heroines I've read. I love that she didn't cow down to Wolfe, but grew and became fierce, not letting him push her around. The strength she exudes astounded me making me love her all the more.

I loved watching them both grow and their love turn into a love story I know will stick me with for a long time.

Her best book to date, LJ Shen brings us an unconventional love story that is EPIC. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.