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The Model is LIVE and on Kindle Unlimited! 

The moment I heard Ryder’s voice I was a goner.

As a photographer, I was used to working with beautiful people, but Ryder Williams was the most perfect male specimen that had ever stood before me. I knew without a doubt it would take no time at all for him to be the next big thing... or for him to steal my heart.

Model and photographer, we shouldn’t cross that line, but there was no stopping the passion we felt. Nothing else mattered. Not the age difference. Not that he was a client. Not even our pasts.

After my assistant caught us together, he was gone. I tried to put him out of my head, until fate threw him back into my life and my bed.

Time and time again we’re brought together, should I keep fighting or finally accept what my heart wants?

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  • Harlow Layne

“Are you the photographer?”

He smiled and held his hand out for me to shake. “I’m Tyson Jacobs. I work for Mathers.”

“Ryder Williams, one of the models.”

He gave me a tight smile. “I know who you are, Mr. Williams.”

Shaking his hand, I tried to wrap my head around this job. I’d never heard of any of the companies, yet they were desperate to use me. I tried looking up Blue Stars Photography, but only found a website with very little information on it. They seemed relatively new, so it didn’t make sense they’d be used on such a big and important job. Maybe the photographer knew someone from Mathers. I had no idea.

Leaning around me, Tyson put his hand on the doorknob. “What do you say we go inside and get this meeting started?”

I let Tyson go inside ahead of me and followed in behind him. There were only a few people in the room, but what caught my attention was the woman on the other side of the room with blue hair cascading down her back. There was no else in the world it could have been.

It was my Lexie.

Hope filled me, and a deep burn spread through every inch of my soul. I had no idea what she was doing here, and I didn’t care. With all that was in me, I tried to hold back from running to her. I’d been patiently waiting for this moment for months, and I couldn’t screw it up now that I had her in my sights.

As I walked toward her, all eyes were on me. It was as if they knew our history, and they were waiting to see the fallout when she finally saw me. Standing only a few inches away from her, I could smell her scent. She always smelled of coconut and saltwater, even when we were hundreds of miles away from the ocean.

Reaching out to finally touch Lexie, her name slipped from my lips. It was a mix between a prayer and an apology. She moved as if in slow motion. Turning ever so slowly, I took in each inch of her. I loved everything about her, from her petite frame to the beautiful tattoos she adorned her body with, to her deep blue eyes that stood out against her hair. She was more beautiful than any woman I’d ever seen, and this time I wasn’t going to let her slip away from me.

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Hollywood Redemption is FREE for a limited time only! Grab it today before it's too late.

One night can change forever...

When a single night with a handsome stranger turned my world upside down, I found myself feeling things that I hadn’t felt in a very long time, including insecurities, courtesy of a verbally abusive ex-husband. I fought my way back from the shell of the person I was and I wasn’t ready to give up on love. Not yet.

Luke was gorgeous, thoughtful and completely unlike anyone I’d ever met. But as a famous Hollywood actor, he was also way out of my league, no matter how hard he tried to convince me otherwise. His career took him from coast to coast and I lived in a small town somewhere in between. He was a man on the rise, whose work ruled his life and I was a single mom with a son to raise.

Miles apart, we built a friendship that slowly burned into something either of us saw coming. I wanted to make it work, so did he… but I quickly learned that his life was far from glamorous and my past wasn’t behind us.

The more time we spent together, the more the line between our two worlds faded. The harder we fell I began to wonder, if two people collided by fate and pushed apart by distance could build a love that would last?

Luke and Alex's story continues in Hollywood Fairytale. Available now.

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